BitPrime partners with Simplex to offer a solution for buying crypto with credit cards

BitPrime is teaming up with Simplex to offer a variant for purchasing cryptocurrencies with credit cards

The first crypto offering on the New Zealand market enables a secure and convenient way to purchase crypto with debit and credit cards through the merger with Simplex

Christchurch, New Zealand – November 26, 2020 – BitPrime , New Zealand’s leading cryptocurrency retailer, today announced its partnership with Simplex, the market leader in fiat / crypto infrastructure. The partnership offers a secure solution for those who want to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Available for the first time in New Zealand, the partnership takes advantage of Simplex’s fully proprietary, fraud-free platform for purchasing digital assets and offers BitPrime customers another convenient payment option to enter the crypto ecosystem.

The option to purchase crypto with a credit card has been one of the most requested features for current BitPrime customers in the company’s three-year history. The partnership with Simplex enables BitPrime users to easily work with a trusted partner who is known in the industry for transparency and security.

This new payment solution is being rolled out at a time when the price of Bitcoin Trader is hitting its highest level since the all-time high of nearly NZD 30,000 in February 2017.

BitPrime has partnered with Simplex to leverage the company’s cutting-edge AI technology that analyzes the risk of each payment and actively blocks fraudulent users. Simplex also offers award-winning customer support to all users that is available 24/7 in case you need help completing their purchases.

Ross Carter-Brown, BitPrime CEO, said:

“We bring cryptocurrency into the world. Our new gateway for credit card payments enables us to serve customers from 178 different countries. We know that New Zealand is a desirable jurisdiction for many people to do business, especially financial services. This is due to our strong protection of personal property, political stability and low levels of corruption. Our partnership with Simplex is a critical piece of the infrastructure that will help meet this demand.

„Simplex enables anyone, anywhere, to easily and securely buy digital assets,“ said Nimrod Lehavi, Founder and CEO of Simplex. “Our partnership with BitPrime enables millions of people to get on board conveniently with their bank card.

BitPrime enables customers to purchase cryptocurrencies for as little as $ 100, and the newly introduced payment solution also supports international customers.

To learn more about this service or to try it out, visit BitPrime .

BitPrime, which is New Zealand owned and operated by New Zealand, is at the forefront of full-service crypto-electronic currency trading solutions in this country. We are passionate about our professional service and we have a strong focus on providing free education and technical support for beginners to professional investors. BitPrime is here to make trading digital assets easy and safe. BITPRIME LIMITED (FSP595609) Registered.

Simplex has changed the status quo of crypto deposit and withdrawal ramps since 2014. As the market leader, Simplex pioneered the first risk-free global fiat on-ramp with credit and debit cards and promised a zero chargeback guarantee. In collaboration with the biggest names in the crypto ecosystem, Simplex provides the complete fiat infrastructure for the crypto currency ecosystem. As a licensed EU financial institution, Simplex was selected as one of the 10 most impactful companies in the blockchain in 2020.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Education turns to blockchain for its degrees

Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training will soon upload high school and university diplomas to a blockchain.

This announcement is made in collaboration with the company TomoChain, based in Singapore.

Vietnam is pursuing its blockchain ambitions and could overtake Malta as a top competitor

Vietnam’s education and training ministry will upload its high school and university diplomas to a blockchain , its partner Bitcoin Code announced on November 18, 2020.

This initiative includes a trial period in 2020-2021, with the issuance of secondary and higher education diplomas to more than 1.5 million students, and the addition of diplomas already held.

Students obtaining other types of degrees under the aegis of the ministry will also be included.

Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training to Officially Design and Use NQA System for Millions of Degrees on #Blockchain, Managing Nationwide Demand for Education

On the march for the mass adoption of blockchain!

This development of TomoChain took place in a context of non-aligned skills processing by institutions, to the detriment of recruiters and human resources departments.

“The archive of qualifications with blockchain technology has been researched and adopted by TomoChain for over a year,” explained Long Vuong, founder and CEO of TomoChain.

Deputy Minister for Education and Training Nguyen Van Phuc said:

Currently, the storage of evidence on a public channel is a global trend because of its economic, security and confidential benefits. I firmly believe that this system provides a solid basis for the adoption of cutting edge digital technologies in eGovernment 4.0 in Vietnam, thus helping us to move forward alongside other innovative and progressive countries around the world.

Blockchain education

While blockchain degrees have been around since MIT launched a pilot program in 2017 for 111 graduates, their adoption has been slow and rarely across the TomoChain-Vietnam project.

Other examples include the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology , which began with 4,800 students in 2019. Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea, built on its experience from 2019 by delivering from blockchain certificates to graduates of a blockchain CEO course.

The university has graduated 828 new blockchain graduates in 2020 as part of the institution’s COVID-19 measures. Some universities in Colombia have also used the blockchain for access to degrees.

Vietnam joins Malta as a country granting blockchain degrees at the national level rather than the institutional level. The degrees are just one facet of a larger push by the Vietnamese government to implement the technology in all ministries, including the Ministry of Information and Communications, which has unveiled its blockchain platform akacChain

Offenes Interesse an Bitcoin-Futures steigt auf fast $5,4 Milliarden

  • Die Futures von OI Bitcoin sind auf eine Bewertung von 5,3 Milliarden Dollar geklettert.
  • Das wachsende Interesse an BTC-Futures folgt dem Anstieg der Bitcoin-Preise.

Das gesamte offene Interesse (OI) an Bitcoin-Futures ist weiter angestiegen, da die Kryptowährung selbst enorme Kursgewinne verzeichnet. Der wachsende OI in BTC-Futures deutet in gewisser Weise auf ein zunehmendes Interesse an der Kryptowährung hin, was wahrscheinlich auf die Preissteigerungen bei Bitcoin zurückzuführen ist. Berichten zufolge schloss Bitcoin Revival den vergangenen Monat mit einem Anstieg von etwa 30 Prozent ab. Heute, wenige Stunden später, stieg die führende digitale Währung während der US-Wahlperiode auf über 14.000 US-Dollar.

OI in Bitcoin-Futures nähert sich Allzeithoch

Den Marktinformationen von ByBt zufolge beläuft sich die Gesamtzahl der offenen Zinsen in Bitcoin-Futures derzeit auf 5,35 Milliarden Dollar. Beachten Sie, dass das offene Interesse an der Anzahl von Bitcoin-Futures (oder anderen Derivatkontrakten), die noch nicht abgewickelt wurden.

Zuvor, am 23. Oktober, belief sich der Wert des gesamten offenen Interesses auf 5,17 Milliarden Dollar. Nach den aktuellen Daten gab es innerhalb von zwei Wochen einen Zuwachs von 0,18 Milliarden Dollar.

Da Bitcoin weiter steigt, ist es wahrscheinlicher, dass das offene Interesse das Allzeithoch (ATH) von 5,7 Mrd. $ übertreffen könnte. Gegenwärtig hat die in Malta ansässige Kryptowährungsbörse OKEx den größten Anteil des offenen Interesses an Bitcoin-Futures.

Laut ByBt entfallen auf die OKEx-Börse 1,06 Milliarden Dollar des gesamten offenen Interesses. Binance, die Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) und BitMEX halten etwa 0,85, 0,78 bzw. 0,62 Milliarden Dollar.

Anstieg der Bitcoin auf $14K

Darüber hinaus belief sich das 24-Stunden-Terminbörsenvolumen von Bitcoin laut Skew, einer Krypto-Marktanalyseplattform, auf über 5 Milliarden US-Dollar. Es ist erfreulich festzustellen, dass das wachsende Interesse an Bitcoin-Derivaten in gewisser Weise mit dem Aufwärtstrend des Preises der Krypto-Währung zusammenhängt. Messari erklärte dies in einer kürzlich erschienenen Veröffentlichung.

„Makro-Ausblick: Bitcoin und die US-Wahl“, die hohe Rate offener Zinsen in Verbindung mit dem sprunghaften Preisanstieg von Bitcoin – es hat sich von fast 4.000 $ im März, als die Weltwirtschaft wegen COVID fast ganz zum Erliegen kam, auf heute 14.000 $ bewegt – könnte gut für Bitcoin sein.