Cruise liner “Satoshi” to move from Panama to junkyard in India

Ocean Builders announced the end of the Satoshi cruise liner project for failing to secure a protection and indemnity insurance company to insure the ship.

The company’s dream was to anchor the ship off the coast of Panama to house businesses, restaurants and nightclubs to entertain its users.

The CEO of Ocean Builders criticized the big insurance companies for being archaic and not wanting to adapt to new innovative ideas.

On December 20, 2020, Ocean Builders , the company responsible for launching the cruise liner Satoshi , announced in a letter to its potential investors the completion of the project. According to maritime news portals Cruise Radio and Cruise Industry News, the project did not have a protection and indemnity insurance company to insure the ship.

Grant Romundt, CEO of Ocean Builders, said they encountered an unexpected problem, which ended up “exhausting” all options for starting the Satoshi ocean liner project. He referred to the insurance companies to which he attributed all the responsibility for dropping the project, calling them archaic for not wanting to adapt to new innovative ideas.

No protection and indemnity insurance company will insure the Satoshi… We got the closest with a company that manipulated us with a premium of $ 1 million for maximum coverage of $ 5 million. Nothing that comes close to the coverage we would need to comply with the law.

The MS #Satoshi project is dead as the former Pacific Dawn has been sold for scrap, according to a statement from #OceanBuilders, which was aiming to setup a floating tech hub for small businesses with the aim to support crypto currency off the coast of Panama.

— Cruise Ships Passion (@shipspassion) December 20, 2020

The MS #Satoshi project is dead because the old Pacific Dawn was sold to a junkyard, according to a statement from #OceanBuilders. The company aimed to set up a floating technology hub for small businesses with the goal of supporting crypto currency off the coast of Panama.

Ocean Builders has not received support from the crypto community

The company was also unsuccessful in enlisting the assistance of the Panama Maritime Authority to change its status to a non-maritime vessel (reducing its insurance costs). She received in response that this was impossible, as the boat had an engine and a flag.

In addition, the fact that Ocean Builders did not have the support of the crypto community (for which the company was developing this project) made it abandon any possible wish of struggle, suffering the loss of millions of dollars in the process. “By pushing or designing a complex alternative insurance solution,” Mr. Rodmundt said.

Bitcoin above $20,000: bullish and bullish

Much of the crypto market is optimistic about Bitcoin, with Guggenheim Partners valuing the asset at $400,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) has gained many supporters this year, and many people expressed positive market sentiment after the recent increase in assets to $20,000 and beyond. However, not everyone is so optimistic.

Since Binance believes that the Bitcoin price increase is different from that of 2017

Peter Brandt, a traditional market trader and long time „chartist“, said that Bitcoin is bullish, but exceeding $20,000 is not innovative when it comes to graphics. „New highs are always a good indicator of a healthy uptrend, but other than that, new highs mean very little technical importance,“ Brandt tweeted on Wednesday.

Very uniform price levels sometimes attract headlines and talk. The $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 and $20,000 levels have attracted various forms of attention over the years, although those levels may not inherently have an overabundance of hard and fast graphical significance at any given time. These levels sometimes play with psychology. Still, Bitcoin recently showed resistance just under $20,000, before finally rising with conviction this Wednesday.

„All bets are uncertain“ now that Bitcoin is over $20,000, says one trader

Meanwhile, other industry participants are looking at the trend of large financial players entering crypto-currencies. „We’re seeing fresh stories about institutional adoption of cryptomonies almost daily,“ Bitcoin Depot CEO Brandon Mintz told Cointelegraph. MicroStrategy, Paul Tudor Jones and MassMutual are included in the 2020 list of great players who bought Bitcoin.

Mintz added:

„Combine that with this new all-time high, and it’s as bullish as the market can get. There’s likely to be sustained growth from here, at least for the time being. We’re now being driven by corporations and billionaires, not just retailers.

Raoul Pal: Bitcoin, averaging 200% profit per year, proves it’s ‚eating the world

In line with Bitcoin’s institutional buying trend, Guggenheim Partners saw the $10,000 level as an opportunity to start flowing funds to BTC, according to the company’s investment director, Scott Minerd, in a recent interview with Bloomberg. „It’s a little more difficult with the current price being closer to $20,000,“ Minerd said. „It’s surprising in a very short period of time how big a jump we’ve had,“ he said, adding, „I think it’s a little bit more difficult with the current price being closer to $20,000:

„Having said that, our fundamental work shows that Bitcoin should be worth about $400,000.

Minerd later clarified that the justification for the $400,000 price is derived from aspects such as the limited supply of Bitcoin, as well as comparisons with other assets, including gold.

Is actress Maisie Williams becoming a Bitcoiner?

No. However, the market hasn’t yet seen Bitcoin gold advocate and critic Peter Schiff change his position on the digital asset.

Das South Korea Casino Resort von Mohegan Gaming ist auf dem richtigen Weg für den Start der ersten Phase 2022

Der US-amerikanische Casino-Resortbetreiber Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment ist auf dem besten Weg, bis Anfang 2022 ein milliardenschweres integriertes Resortprojekt in Incheon, Südkorea, abzuschließen, trotz Störungen, die durch die beispiellose Gesundheitskrise in der Welt verursacht wurden.

Auf die Frage der regionalen Casino-Nachrichtenagentur GGRAsia, ob sie mit Verzögerungen beim Bau rechnen, sagte Mario Kontomerkos, CEO von Mohegan Gaming, dass „die Arbeit fortgesetzt wird und wir auf unser Ziel für 2022 hinarbeiten.“

Das Südkorea-Projekt von Mohegan Gaming, bekannt als INSPIRE Entertainment Resort , umfasst den Bau eines integrierten Luxusresorts mit einem Rizk Casino in Incheon, einer Stadt in der Nähe der Hauptstadt Seoul, die seit langem ein wichtiger Verkehrsknotenpunkt ist, da hier das massive und hochmoderne Incheon International stattfindet Flughafen.

Das Grundstück von Mohegan Gaming soll in mehreren Phasen entwickelt werden , von denen die erste bis 2022 fertiggestellt und enthüllt werden soll

Die erste Phase des Mega-Programms umfasst unter anderem 1.250 Hotelzimmer, ein Casino nur für Ausländer mit 700 Spielautomaten und 160 Tischspielen, einen Unterhaltungsort mit 15.000 Sitzplätzen und 40 Restaurants.

Laut einem früheren Bericht der lokalen Nachrichtenagentur Korea Times soll das integrierte INSPIRE-Resort in vier Phasen entwickelt werden, wobei die letzte bis 2031 fertiggestellt sein soll.

Ein 5-Milliarden-Dollar-Programm

In demselben Bericht der Korea Times wurde behauptet, Mohegan Gaming habe in vier Phasen rund 5 Milliarden US-Dollar für die Entwicklung seines integrierten Resorts in Südkorea bereitgestellt. Es wird angenommen, dass das Unternehmen plant, rund 1,3 Milliarden US-Dollar für die erste Phase auszugeben.

Der Bau der zweiten Phase des Projekts soll laut Korea Times im Jahr 2021 beginnen. Auch diese Phase wird den Hotel- und Casino-Betreiber mehr als 1 Milliarde US-Dollar kosten. Dazu gehört ein Indoor-Themenpark mit der Marke Paramount Pictures , der „anders als jeder andere in Asien“ sein wird. Die zweite Phase des INSPIRE-Projekts soll bis 2025 abgeschlossen sein.

INSPIRE hat sich mit Koreas führendem Bauunternehmen Hanwha Engineering & Construction zusammengetan, um der Hauptauftragnehmer für das Projekt zu sein, das im Juni 2022 eröffnet werden soll. Die Schwesterfirma Hanwha Hotels & Resorts, ein führendes Unternehmen der koreanischen Hotellerie, wird hinzukommen die Partnerschaft zur Verwaltung des Hotelimmobilienbetriebs von INSPIRE.

Neben dem Südkorea-Projekt hat Mohegan Gaming in den letzten Jahren ein weiteres INSPIRE-Konzept eingeführt, das zweite INSPIRE

Athen. Der US-amerikanische Casino-Betreiber hat im vergangenen Jahr um eine Lizenz für die Entwicklung eines Casino-Resorts in der Nähe der griechischen Hauptstadt gekämpft.

Mohegan Gaming war der einzige Kandidat (von zwei, der andere Hard Rock International), die in die nächste Phase des von der Hellenic Gaming Commission durchgeführten Auswahlverfahrens übergehen durften.

INSPIRE Athen würde ein Casino mit 1.200 Spielautomaten und 120 Tischspielen , ein Luxushotel, Unterhaltungsmöglichkeiten, ein Kongresszentrum, Einzelhandelsflächen, Restaurants, weitläufige Resort-Pools und eine „umfassende Mischung aus Premium-Annehmlichkeiten“ umfassen.

Bitcoin on credit: Microstrategy wants to buy BTC for 400 million US dollars

Micrsotrategy has again announced that it will buy an enormous amount of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the DeFi sector and Tether’s market cap are at all-time highs. The market update.

The Bitcoin course is still struggling to sustainably break the US $ 19,000 mark

At press time, the BTC rate is $ 18,827. This means that the rate of the key crypto currency has to drop 1.84 percent in a 24-hour comparison.

What’s better than Bitcoin in the war chest? More Bitcoin Bank in the war chest. Microstrategy boss Michael Saylor’s calculation must be something like this, because on December 7th, Microstrategy announced the next bang, which should make Bitcoin bulls click their tongues. The IT company plans to increase its Bitcoin reserve for $ 400 million. The money will come from the sale of convertible bonds (senior convertible notes) to institutional investors.

The Notes are unsecured, priority obligations of MicroStrategy and accrue interest semi-annually to June 15 and December 15 of each year beginning June 15, 2021. The Notes will mature on December 15, 2025 unless they are repurchased, redeemed or converted in accordance with their terms at an earlier date. […] MicroStrategy intends to invest the net proceeds from the sale of the Notes in Bitcoin in accordance with its Treasury Reserve Policy until the needs for working capital and other general corporate purposes are determined.

it says in the corresponding message to the investors of Microstrategy

The share price of Microstrategy (MSTR) benefited from the announcement and gained 2.5 percent. So far, the US service provider’s strategy of using Bitcoin as the main reserve asset is working. In particular, the Bitcoin rally of the past few weeks has catapulted the corporate value of Microstrategy soaring.

Just last Friday, December 4th, CEO Saylor announced the purchase of an additional 2,574 BTC. At the time of going to press, Microstrategy now holds 40,824 BTC.

DeFi holds record level, Tether continues to print USDT

While the Bitcoin rate and the top 10 Altcoins are taking a breather, the decentralized financial services (DeFi) sector in particular is printing green candles. With Compound (COMP, +14.5 percent), Band Protocol (BAND, +6.8 percent) and Sushi (SUSHI, +3.4 percent), the DeFi-Space represents 3 of the five Altcoins with the largest 24 hours -Increase. The value of the assets stored on DeFi platforms (TVL) is still at an all-time high of 14.8 billion US dollars.

Bitcoin Miners‘ revenue is approaching its annual maximum: why is this happening?

The current Bitcoin value rally has pleased two categories of Krypt market players – investors and miners. Today we will talk about the latter. According to the analytical platform Glassnode, the level of income of the extractors of the cryptovoltaic currency has risen to the values observed before the halving of Bitcoin in May this year. That is to say, even though the award in the crypt currency has decreased, the dollar equivalent of the income of ASIC majors‘ owners has returned to the old heights.

Recall that halving is a planned reduction in emissions, i.e. awards per block, at Bitcoin. The event takes place every 210,000 blocks or approximately four years and is associated with significant financial difficulties for the miners. This is not surprising, because immediately after halving, their revenues are reduced by exactly half.

However, this is precisely the income in the crypt currency. If the latter increases, then the dollar equivalent of financial income may also exceed the pre-halving figures – which happened this time. It should be noted that not only the value of an asset affects the revenue of the minimers, but also other indicators by the type of complexity of the mining, the network hash rate and the load of the latter.

However, the more active the users perform Bitcoin transfers, the higher will be the average commission per transaction. This, in turn, is due to the limited network of cryptocurrencies that can handle approximately seven transfers per second.

We checked the latest data: yesterday the average cost of a BTC transfer was $5.4. This money goes into the pocket of the miners along with a fixed 6.25 bitcoin for each block.

How much do Bitcoin minimers earn

Maintaining a cryptovolta mining business requires a lot of money, as the cost of equipment is not the only thing to do, but also money for its maintenance by type of repair, cooling and electricity. The last point is almost the most important for each miner – that is why most of them are now concentrated in China, where low energy tariffs and close proximity to the manufacturers of mining equipment.

On the topic: How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the mining of Bitcoin?

Fortunately, the miners are doing well now. According to Glassnode, in the last 24 hours alone they have earned over $21 million from the Bitcoin unit awards and user fees. The previous local peak was in May – just before the halving itself on the 12th. At that time, the daily revenue of the miners reached the mark of 20.6 million dollars.

The increase in revenue for the miners coincides with the growth of the hash rate, i.e. the total computing power of all the devices in the Bitcoin network. This is undoubtedly a good sign. However, more and more people are joining the production of cryptographic material, ensuring its security against the so-called 51 attacks.

The increase in the revenue of Bitcoin minimers is noticeable on charts. Here is, for example, the income of the Bitcoin miners in 2020. It is obvious here that the figure went upwards in November, with a significant portion of it made up of transaction fees.

Although November only ended in two thirds, the total revenue of the miners for the month was almost equal to the results of October. The figure now stands at $314 million, 275 million of which were received as a reward for Bitcoin blocks. In comparison, the miners earned the equivalent of 352 million dollars in October.

We believe that this news is definitely positive. It proves that the miners will be able to make a lot of money, even though Bitcoin emissions have been reduced. Well, this confirms the version that nothing bad will happen to the crypto wealth currency even after the last coin is mined.

Judging by what is happening to the BTC rate, the revenue of the miners will continue to increase. This will also be facilitated by the growth in commissions, which is worth waiting for as the popularity of the crypt currency increases.

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