Onderzoek Toont Aan Dat Blanke Respondenten Zich Meer Bewust Zijn Van Bitcoin In Vergelijking Met Zwarte En Spaanse Respondenten

Een toonaangevende financiële website, SimpleMoneyLyfe, heeft vandaag de resultaten vrijgegeven van de meest uitgebreide studie die ooit in de crypto-industrie is uitgevoerd. De studie onthult het bewustzijn van de cryptocurrency-markt op basis van etniciteit en geslacht, naast andere factoren die verband houden met cryptocurrencies en de blockchain-industrie.

Na analyse van exclusieve enquêteresultaten en openbare databases, concludeerden onderzoekers van SimpleMoneyLyfe dat mannen eerder op de hoogte zijn van Crypto Code dan vrouwen. Interessant is dat de studie ook meldt dat Bitcoin superieur is onder millennials, waarvan 67% zegt dat ze Bitcoin verkiezen boven goud.

Ongebreidelde Ongelijkheid In De Crypto-Industrie

Het SimpleMoneyLyfe-onderzoek is gebaseerd op de datasets van november 2019 tot januari 2021. Tot dusver is het het meest uitgebreide onderzoek tot nu toe in de crypto-ruimte, en het treft de consumenten, de academische wereld en de particuliere sector waar het het meest pijn doet – ongebreideld ongelijkheid. Tot op heden hebben geen andere onderzoeken een dergelijke ongebreidelde ongelijkheid in de crypto-industrie aan het licht gebracht.

Verschillende andere interessante factoren die verband houden met cryptocurrencies en de blockchain-industrie in het algemeen, worden in het onderzoek behandeld.

Een Korte Momentopname Van De SimpleMoneyLyfe-Studie

De SimpleMoneyLyfe-studie ontkent het uitgangspunt dat het grootste deel van het transactievolume van cryptocurrency afkomstig is van criminele activiteiten. In werkelijkheid is het transactievolume van cryptocurrency dat wordt gebruikt bij criminele activiteiten slechts een magere 0,34% van het totale volume van wereldwijde cryptotransacties. Het komt neer op slechts $ 10 miljard.

Bitcoin-hoarders hebben een meerderheidsaandeel in Bitcoin, op dit moment was 2% van de crypto-wallets 95% van alle Bitcoin. Het omvat vroege Bitcoin-miners / investeerders, financiële instellingen en overheden over de hele wereld.

Onder mannelijke en vrouwelijke respondenten van 18+ en ouder meldde 78% van de mannen dat ze op de hoogte waren van Bitcoin. Aan de andere kant meldde slechts 71% van de vrouwelijke respondenten dat ze op de hoogte waren van Bitcoin.

Kijkend naar de toekomst, stelt het rapport dat de Verenigde Staten enorme blockchain-investeringen zullen aantrekken, omdat het voorop zal blijven lopen op het gebied van blockchain-innovatie, met een indrukwekkend bedrag van $ 4,2 miljard dat naar verwachting alleen al in de VS aan blockchain-oplossingen zal worden besteed.

Als het gaat om het bewustzijn van Bitcoin en cryptocurrency, verwacht dan dat een gebrek aan bewustzijn zal afnemen met een toename van cryptocurrencies en blockchain-acceptatie wereldwijd.

Bitcoin ustawia nowe przez cały czas wysoka jak cena rusza po 28k $

Bitcoin po raz kolejny osiągnął swój szczyt.

Mazel tov! Bitcoin, największa kryptokurna waluta według rynkowej czapki, wyznaczył dziś nowy wszechczasowy szczyt. Jego najwyższa cena w historii jest teraz 28.537 dolarów, zgodnie z metryką strony CoinMarketCap.

Od tego czasu Bitcoin spadł do obecnej ceny, 27.977 dolarów. Jego cena jest nadal w górę 3,93% w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin, zgodnie z metryki miejscu CoinMarketCap i 17,62% w ciągu ostatniego tygodnia.

W swoim wszechświecie, Bitcoin Revolution potroił swoją cenę od lipca i wzrósł ponad pięć razy od marca. W swoim dzisiejszym szczytowym momencie, Bitcoin’s market cap osiągnął 528 miliardów dolarów, tworząc lwią część całej kapitalizacji rynku kryptokur walut, 740 miliardów dolarów.

Często inne monety śledzą cenę Bitcoinów. Ale w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin, największe monety na rynku nie podążały jednolicie za sukcesem Bitcoin’a.

Druga najbardziej popularna moneta, Ethereum, która w ciągu ostatniego tygodnia wzrosła o tyle samo co Bitcoin, wzrosła o 0,23% w ciągu ostatniego dnia.

A XRP, moneta obarczona pozwem sądowym, który SEC uderzył w jej twórców, wzrosła o 9% w ciągu ostatniego dnia, ale spadła o 38% w ciągu ostatniego tygodnia.

Cruise liner “Satoshi” to move from Panama to junkyard in India

Ocean Builders announced the end of the Satoshi cruise liner project for failing to secure a protection and indemnity insurance company to insure the ship.

The company’s dream was to anchor the ship off the coast of Panama to house businesses, restaurants and nightclubs to entertain its users.

The CEO of Ocean Builders criticized the big insurance companies for being archaic and not wanting to adapt to new innovative ideas.

On December 20, 2020, Ocean Builders , the company responsible for launching the cruise liner Satoshi , announced in a letter to its potential investors the completion of the project. According to maritime news portals Cruise Radio and Cruise Industry News, the project did not have a protection and indemnity insurance company to insure the ship.

Grant Romundt, CEO of Ocean Builders, said they encountered an unexpected problem, which ended up “exhausting” all options for starting the Satoshi ocean liner project. He referred to the insurance companies to which he attributed all the responsibility for dropping the project, calling them archaic for not wanting to adapt to new innovative ideas.

No protection and indemnity insurance company will insure the Satoshi… We got the closest with a company that manipulated us with a premium of $ 1 million for maximum coverage of $ 5 million. Nothing that comes close to the coverage we would need to comply with the law.

The MS #Satoshi project is dead as the former Pacific Dawn has been sold for scrap, according to a statement from #OceanBuilders, which was aiming to setup a floating tech hub for small businesses with the aim to support crypto currency off the coast of Panama. pic.twitter.com/PHD8lNaPaI

— Cruise Ships Passion (@shipspassion) December 20, 2020

The MS #Satoshi project is dead because the old Pacific Dawn was sold to a junkyard, according to a statement from #OceanBuilders. The company aimed to set up a floating technology hub for small businesses with the goal of supporting crypto currency off the coast of Panama.

Ocean Builders has not received support from the crypto community

The company was also unsuccessful in enlisting the assistance of the Panama Maritime Authority to change its status to a non-maritime vessel (reducing its insurance costs). She received in response that this was impossible, as the boat had an engine and a flag.

In addition, the fact that Ocean Builders did not have the support of the crypto community (for which the company was developing this project) made it abandon any possible wish of struggle, suffering the loss of millions of dollars in the process. “By pushing or designing a complex alternative insurance solution,” Mr. Rodmundt said.

Bitcoin above $20,000: bullish and bullish

Much of the crypto market is optimistic about Bitcoin, with Guggenheim Partners valuing the asset at $400,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) has gained many supporters this year, and many people expressed positive market sentiment after the recent increase in assets to $20,000 and beyond. However, not everyone is so optimistic.

Since Binance believes that the Bitcoin price increase is different from that of 2017

Peter Brandt, a traditional market trader and long time „chartist“, said that Bitcoin is bullish, but exceeding $20,000 is not innovative when it comes to graphics. „New highs are always a good indicator of a healthy uptrend, but other than that, new highs mean very little technical importance,“ Brandt tweeted on Wednesday.

Very uniform price levels sometimes attract headlines and talk. The $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 and $20,000 levels have attracted various forms of attention over the years, although those levels may not inherently have an overabundance of hard and fast graphical significance at any given time. These levels sometimes play with psychology. Still, Bitcoin recently showed resistance just under $20,000, before finally rising with conviction this Wednesday.

„All bets are uncertain“ now that Bitcoin is over $20,000, says one trader

Meanwhile, other industry participants are looking at the trend of large financial players entering crypto-currencies. „We’re seeing fresh stories about institutional adoption of cryptomonies almost daily,“ Bitcoin Depot CEO Brandon Mintz told Cointelegraph. MicroStrategy, Paul Tudor Jones and MassMutual are included in the 2020 list of great players who bought Bitcoin.

Mintz added:

„Combine that with this new all-time high, and it’s as bullish as the market can get. There’s likely to be sustained growth from here, at least for the time being. We’re now being driven by corporations and billionaires, not just retailers.

Raoul Pal: Bitcoin, averaging 200% profit per year, proves it’s ‚eating the world

In line with Bitcoin’s institutional buying trend, Guggenheim Partners saw the $10,000 level as an opportunity to start flowing funds to BTC, according to the company’s investment director, Scott Minerd, in a recent interview with Bloomberg. „It’s a little more difficult with the current price being closer to $20,000,“ Minerd said. „It’s surprising in a very short period of time how big a jump we’ve had,“ he said, adding, „I think it’s a little bit more difficult with the current price being closer to $20,000:

„Having said that, our fundamental work shows that Bitcoin should be worth about $400,000.

Minerd later clarified that the justification for the $400,000 price is derived from aspects such as the limited supply of Bitcoin, as well as comparisons with other assets, including gold.

Is actress Maisie Williams becoming a Bitcoiner?

No. However, the market hasn’t yet seen Bitcoin gold advocate and critic Peter Schiff change his position on the digital asset.

Bitcoin on credit: Microstrategy wants to buy BTC for 400 million US dollars

Micrsotrategy has again announced that it will buy an enormous amount of Bitcoin. Meanwhile, the DeFi sector and Tether’s market cap are at all-time highs. The market update.

The Bitcoin course is still struggling to sustainably break the US $ 19,000 mark

At press time, the BTC rate is $ 18,827. This means that the rate of the key crypto currency has to drop 1.84 percent in a 24-hour comparison.

What’s better than Bitcoin in the war chest? More Bitcoin Bank in the war chest. Microstrategy boss Michael Saylor’s calculation must be something like this, because on December 7th, Microstrategy announced the next bang, which should make Bitcoin bulls click their tongues. The IT company plans to increase its Bitcoin reserve for $ 400 million. The money will come from the sale of convertible bonds (senior convertible notes) to institutional investors.

The Notes are unsecured, priority obligations of MicroStrategy and accrue interest semi-annually to June 15 and December 15 of each year beginning June 15, 2021. The Notes will mature on December 15, 2025 unless they are repurchased, redeemed or converted in accordance with their terms at an earlier date. […] MicroStrategy intends to invest the net proceeds from the sale of the Notes in Bitcoin in accordance with its Treasury Reserve Policy until the needs for working capital and other general corporate purposes are determined.

it says in the corresponding message to the investors of Microstrategy

The share price of Microstrategy (MSTR) benefited from the announcement and gained 2.5 percent. So far, the US service provider’s strategy of using Bitcoin as the main reserve asset is working. In particular, the Bitcoin rally of the past few weeks has catapulted the corporate value of Microstrategy soaring.

Just last Friday, December 4th, CEO Saylor announced the purchase of an additional 2,574 BTC. At the time of going to press, Microstrategy now holds 40,824 BTC.

DeFi holds record level, Tether continues to print USDT

While the Bitcoin rate and the top 10 Altcoins are taking a breather, the decentralized financial services (DeFi) sector in particular is printing green candles. With Compound (COMP, +14.5 percent), Band Protocol (BAND, +6.8 percent) and Sushi (SUSHI, +3.4 percent), the DeFi-Space represents 3 of the five Altcoins with the largest 24 hours -Increase. The value of the assets stored on DeFi platforms (TVL) is still at an all-time high of 14.8 billion US dollars.

Bitcoin Miners‘ revenue is approaching its annual maximum: why is this happening?

The current Bitcoin value rally has pleased two categories of Krypt market players – investors and miners. Today we will talk about the latter. According to the analytical platform Glassnode, the level of income of the extractors of the cryptovoltaic currency has risen to the values observed before the halving of Bitcoin in May this year. That is to say, even though the award in the crypt currency has decreased, the dollar equivalent of the income of ASIC majors‘ owners has returned to the old heights.

Recall that halving is a planned reduction in emissions, i.e. awards per block, at Bitcoin. The event takes place every 210,000 blocks or approximately four years and is associated with significant financial difficulties for the miners. This is not surprising, because immediately after halving, their revenues are reduced by exactly half.

However, this is precisely the income in the crypt currency. If the latter increases, then the dollar equivalent of financial income may also exceed the pre-halving figures – which happened this time. It should be noted that not only the value of an asset affects the revenue of the minimers, but also other indicators by the type of complexity of the mining, the network hash rate and the load of the latter.

However, the more active the users perform Bitcoin transfers, the higher will be the average commission per transaction. This, in turn, is due to the limited network of cryptocurrencies that can handle approximately seven transfers per second.

We checked the latest data: yesterday the average cost of a BTC transfer was $5.4. This money goes into the pocket of the miners along with a fixed 6.25 bitcoin for each block.

How much do Bitcoin minimers earn

Maintaining a cryptovolta mining business requires a lot of money, as the cost of equipment is not the only thing to do, but also money for its maintenance by type of repair, cooling and electricity. The last point is almost the most important for each miner – that is why most of them are now concentrated in China, where low energy tariffs and close proximity to the manufacturers of mining equipment.

On the topic: How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the mining of Bitcoin?

Fortunately, the miners are doing well now. According to Glassnode, in the last 24 hours alone they have earned over $21 million from the Bitcoin unit awards and user fees. The previous local peak was in May – just before the halving itself on the 12th. At that time, the daily revenue of the miners reached the mark of 20.6 million dollars.

The increase in revenue for the miners coincides with the growth of the hash rate, i.e. the total computing power of all the devices in the Bitcoin network. This is undoubtedly a good sign. However, more and more people are joining the production of cryptographic material, ensuring its security against the so-called 51 attacks.

The increase in the revenue of Bitcoin minimers is noticeable on charts. Here is, for example, the income of the Bitcoin miners in 2020. It is obvious here that the figure went upwards in November, with a significant portion of it made up of transaction fees.

Although November only ended in two thirds, the total revenue of the miners for the month was almost equal to the results of October. The figure now stands at $314 million, 275 million of which were received as a reward for Bitcoin blocks. In comparison, the miners earned the equivalent of 352 million dollars in October.

We believe that this news is definitely positive. It proves that the miners will be able to make a lot of money, even though Bitcoin emissions have been reduced. Well, this confirms the version that nothing bad will happen to the crypto wealth currency even after the last coin is mined.

Judging by what is happening to the BTC rate, the revenue of the miners will continue to increase. This will also be facilitated by the growth in commissions, which is worth waiting for as the popularity of the crypt currency increases.

Look for even more interesting things in our kryptchat for millionaires. Also look in Yandex Zen for new materials that are not on the website.

BitPrime partners with Simplex to offer a solution for buying crypto with credit cards

BitPrime is teaming up with Simplex to offer a variant for purchasing cryptocurrencies with credit cards

The first crypto offering on the New Zealand market enables a secure and convenient way to purchase crypto with debit and credit cards through the merger with Simplex

Christchurch, New Zealand – November 26, 2020 – BitPrime , New Zealand’s leading cryptocurrency retailer, today announced its partnership with Simplex, the market leader in fiat / crypto infrastructure. The partnership offers a secure solution for those who want to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Available for the first time in New Zealand, the partnership takes advantage of Simplex’s fully proprietary, fraud-free platform for purchasing digital assets and offers BitPrime customers another convenient payment option to enter the crypto ecosystem.

The option to purchase crypto with a credit card has been one of the most requested features for current BitPrime customers in the company’s three-year history. The partnership with Simplex enables BitPrime users to easily work with a trusted partner who is known in the industry for transparency and security.

This new payment solution is being rolled out at a time when the price of Bitcoin Trader is hitting its highest level since the all-time high of nearly NZD 30,000 in February 2017.

BitPrime has partnered with Simplex to leverage the company’s cutting-edge AI technology that analyzes the risk of each payment and actively blocks fraudulent users. Simplex also offers award-winning customer support to all users that is available 24/7 in case you need help completing their purchases.

Ross Carter-Brown, BitPrime CEO, said:

“We bring cryptocurrency into the world. Our new gateway for credit card payments enables us to serve customers from 178 different countries. We know that New Zealand is a desirable jurisdiction for many people to do business, especially financial services. This is due to our strong protection of personal property, political stability and low levels of corruption. Our partnership with Simplex is a critical piece of the infrastructure that will help meet this demand.

„Simplex enables anyone, anywhere, to easily and securely buy digital assets,“ said Nimrod Lehavi, Founder and CEO of Simplex. “Our partnership with BitPrime enables millions of people to get on board conveniently with their bank card.

BitPrime enables customers to purchase cryptocurrencies for as little as $ 100, and the newly introduced payment solution also supports international customers.

To learn more about this service or to try it out, visit BitPrime .

BitPrime, which is New Zealand owned and operated by New Zealand, is at the forefront of full-service crypto-electronic currency trading solutions in this country. We are passionate about our professional service and we have a strong focus on providing free education and technical support for beginners to professional investors. BitPrime is here to make trading digital assets easy and safe. BITPRIME LIMITED (FSP595609) Registered.

Simplex has changed the status quo of crypto deposit and withdrawal ramps since 2014. As the market leader, Simplex pioneered the first risk-free global fiat on-ramp with credit and debit cards and promised a zero chargeback guarantee. In collaboration with the biggest names in the crypto ecosystem, Simplex provides the complete fiat infrastructure for the crypto currency ecosystem. As a licensed EU financial institution, Simplex was selected as one of the 10 most impactful companies in the blockchain in 2020.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Education turns to blockchain for its degrees

Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training will soon upload high school and university diplomas to a blockchain.

This announcement is made in collaboration with the company TomoChain, based in Singapore.

Vietnam is pursuing its blockchain ambitions and could overtake Malta as a top competitor

Vietnam’s education and training ministry will upload its high school and university diplomas to a blockchain , its partner Bitcoin Code announced on November 18, 2020.

This initiative includes a trial period in 2020-2021, with the issuance of secondary and higher education diplomas to more than 1.5 million students, and the addition of diplomas already held.

Students obtaining other types of degrees under the aegis of the ministry will also be included.

Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training to Officially Design and Use NQA System for Millions of Degrees on #Blockchain, Managing Nationwide Demand for Education

On the march for the mass adoption of blockchain!

This development of TomoChain took place in a context of non-aligned skills processing by institutions, to the detriment of recruiters and human resources departments.

“The archive of qualifications with blockchain technology has been researched and adopted by TomoChain for over a year,” explained Long Vuong, founder and CEO of TomoChain.

Deputy Minister for Education and Training Nguyen Van Phuc said:

Currently, the storage of evidence on a public channel is a global trend because of its economic, security and confidential benefits. I firmly believe that this system provides a solid basis for the adoption of cutting edge digital technologies in eGovernment 4.0 in Vietnam, thus helping us to move forward alongside other innovative and progressive countries around the world.

Blockchain education

While blockchain degrees have been around since MIT launched a pilot program in 2017 for 111 graduates, their adoption has been slow and rarely across the TomoChain-Vietnam project.

Other examples include the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology , which began with 4,800 students in 2019. Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea, built on its experience from 2019 by delivering from blockchain certificates to graduates of a blockchain CEO course.

The university has graduated 828 new blockchain graduates in 2020 as part of the institution’s COVID-19 measures. Some universities in Colombia have also used the blockchain for access to degrees.

Vietnam joins Malta as a country granting blockchain degrees at the national level rather than the institutional level. The degrees are just one facet of a larger push by the Vietnamese government to implement the technology in all ministries, including the Ministry of Information and Communications, which has unveiled its blockchain platform akacChain

Bitcoin Cash Analysis : La clé de l’œil : la rupture à la hausse au-dessus de 240 dollars

Le prix au comptant des bitcoins dépasse les niveaux de résistance de 225 et 230 dollars par rapport au dollar américain.

Le prix se négocie maintenant au-dessus de la résistance de 232 $ et de la moyenne mobile simple de 55 (4 heures).
Il y a eu une rupture au-dessus d’une ligne de tendance baissière clé avec une résistance à 230 $ sur le graphique de 4 heures de la paire BCH/USD (données provenant de Coinbase).
La paire est susceptible d’accélérer à la hausse si elle franchit les niveaux de résistance de 238 et 240 dollars à court terme.

Le prix au comptant de Bitcoin montre des signes positifs au-dessus de 230 $ par rapport au dollar américain. La paire BCH/USD devrait continuer à augmenter à moins qu’elle ne plonge en dessous de 225 et 220 dollars.

Analyse du prix au comptant de Bitcoin

Cette semaine, le prix du bitcoin au comptant a constitué une base de soutien solide au-dessus du niveau de 215 dollars par rapport au dollar américain. Le prix du BCH a entamé une nouvelle hausse au-dessus de la résistance de 220 $ et a gagné en vitesse au-dessus de la moyenne mobile simple de 55 (4 heures).

Le prix s’est redressé au-dessus de la résistance de 230 $ pour entrer dans une zone positive. Il y a également eu une cassure au-dessus d’une ligne de tendance baissière clé avec une résistance à 230 $ sur le graphique en 4 heures de la paire BCH/USD.

Le prix au comptant du bitcoin a atteint 238 $ et il est actuellement en train de consolider ses gains. Un premier support est proche du niveau de 232 $. Il est également proche du niveau de retracement de 23,6 % de la Fib du récent mouvement à la hausse du bas de 215 $ au haut de 238 $.

Le premier soutien important est proche de la ligne de tendance brisée et de 227 $. Le niveau de retracement de 50 % de la Fib du récent mouvement à la hausse de 215 $ à 238 $ est également proche du niveau de 227 $. Le principal support est maintenant proche du niveau de 225 $, en dessous duquel le prix pourrait re-tester le support de 215 $.

À la hausse, une résistance initiale est proche du niveau de 238 $, au-delà duquel le prix pourrait dépasser 240 $. Dans ce cas, le prix est susceptible d’augmenter régulièrement vers le niveau de 250 $. La prochaine résistance majeure est proche du niveau de 265 dollars.

En regardant le graphique, le prix du bitcoin au comptant s’efface et dépasse les niveaux de résistance de 225 et 230 dollars. Le prix est susceptible d’accélérer s’il franchit les niveaux de résistance de 238 et 240 dollars à court terme.
Indicateurs techniques

  • 4 heures MACD – Le MACD pour BCH/USD perd lentement de son élan dans la zone haussière.
  • 4 heures RSI (Relative Strength Index) – Le RSI pour BCH/USD est maintenant bien au-dessus du niveau de 60.
  • Principaux niveaux de soutien – 232 $ et 225 $.
  • Niveaux de résistance clés – 238 $ et 240 $.

Blockstreams Bitcoin Satellite Node lanseras i Venezuela

Venezuelas acceptans av kryptovaluta har varit en imponerande bedrift. Inför en osäker ekonomisk framtid har landet varit tvungen att förlita sig på krypto ännu mer. Nu när kryptovalutor har blivit en fixtur i Venezuelas ekonomiska miljö har landet gjort åtgärder för att förbättra tillgången.

Lättare betalningar för alla

I den senaste gränsen för antagande av krypto hade Venezuelas regering samarbetat med blockchain-leverantören Blockstream för att lansera en Bitcoin-nod i sitt satellitnätverk. I ett blogginlägg som publicerades tidigare denna vecka meddelade CryptoBuyer-tjänsten CryptoBuyer att den framgångsrikt hade lanserat en Bitcoin-nod i landet.

Lanseringen, som CryptoBuyer och Blockstream genomförde, kommer i huvudsak att göra det möjligt för venezuelaner att skicka satoshis (de minsta enheterna i en Bitcoin) över internet utan behov av en tillförlitlig anslutning. För människor i avlägsna områden över hela landet betyder detta initiativ att krypto alltid är nära.

Enligt blogginlägget kunde Cryptobuyer lansera en satellitnod på Blockstream Satellite genom ett partnerskap med kryptoträningstjänsten AnibalCrypto. Álvaro Pérez, en valenciansk programmerare som också deltog i projektet, sa:

”Vi laddade ner hela Bitcoin blockchain och genomförde framgångsrikt den första transaktionen via en Bitcoin-satellitnod i vårt land den 23 september, från staden Valencia. Vi fick bitcoin via satellitanslutningen utan internetanslutning. Det var ett ögonblick med stora prestationer. ”

Jorge Farias, CryptoBuyers verkställande direktör, tillade att projektet syftade till att lösa verkliga finansiella inkluderingsproblem för miljoner i landet. Det är i linje med CryptoBuyers uppdrag att föra kryptovalutor till fler venezuelaner, eftersom företaget redan har installerat flera Bitcoin-bankomater och försäljningsterminaler över hela landet.

Blogginlägget tillade att alla parter skulle lansera fler noder i Caracas, Venezuelas huvudstad och södra delstaten Bolivar. Intresserade användare kommer att kunna ansluta till satellitnoderna via nätverk som redan testas över hela landet.

Blockstreams banbrytande satellitfunktion

Blockstream Satellite har varit en verkligt innovativ produkt. Genom att eliminera behovet av internetanslutning för att genomföra kryptotransaktioner säkerställer det att människor kan komma åt teknikens funktioner, oavsett var de är.

När Blockstream lanserade tjänsten 2017 förklarade företagets vd Adam Back att företaget hade förstått betydelsen av ett robust Bitcoin-nätverk för företag. Att förbättra tillgängligheten och minska kostnaderna kommer att stärka antagandet – särskilt för enheter i län som utvecklas.

Blockstream Satellite lanserades i Afrika, Europa och Amerika. Det utvidgades dock till Asien och Stillahavsområdet i december 2018 och gav stöd för Lightning Network för att förbättra betalningshastigheten och skalbarheten.

Tekniken fick också en ny cosign från topputbytesplattformen BitMEX förra månaden. I ett blogginlägg förklarade derivatutbytet att det hade implementerat Bitcoin Satellite för att testa dess säkerhets- och transaktionsfunktioner.

„Eftersom detta satellitbaserade system verkligen har potential att förbättra egenskaperna hos censurmotståndet i Bitcoin-nätverket och försvara sig mot vissa former av förmörkelseattacker, är dess existens antagligen en positiv utveckling“, förklarade utbytet i sin abstrakta.